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  • 234 Replies to “Republican Party of New Mexico Headquarters”

    1. Vicki Voyles says:

      I am concerned that the Republican Party in New Mexico is not challenging my right to bare arms. Also don’t see any challenges to Gov LijanGrisham. Other states are suing and winning about mandates. Where are you

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        If you want to see some Second Amendment defenders in our New Mexico State legislature, You only have to look as far as gun rights Republicans like Senators Sharer and Baca. We have many, many Republican legislators who have worked hard to protect our Constitutional gun rights. Also, note that 30 out of 33 sheriffs in New Mexico, mostly Republican, have publicly refused to enforce Red Flag laws passed by the anti-gun democrats. Pay attention to what our elected Republicans are actually doing before you gripe.

    2. American Patriot says:

      Where does the RPBC stand on election integrity? Was the 2024 election stolen from a sitting American President and if so what is the point of voting at all?

      Or did Trump loose the election and the insurrection on January 6th 2021was not justified but was indeed a coup attempt?

      I just need some direction here. Are we still voting in 2024 or just skipping ahead to claiming that the other side cheated and we have a right to power regardless of the outcome of elections?

      Thank you in advance for the clarification.

      American Partiot

      • MikePence says:

        We messed up by showing Democrats that loophole that lets the VP reject presidential electors and thus determine who the president will be.

        Can’t Kamala Harris just do that in 2024? If you think your vote didn’t count in 2020 it definitely wont in 2024. In fact couldn’t Democrats use this legal theory to just override every Presidential election?

        • Catch em says:

          The only way to catch the Demoncrats at this is to NOT VOTE. The President tried to explain this to people in Georgia in 2020 but they would not listen!

          When the Chinese software dumps the Democrats fake ballots it also switches some of the Republican votes to make the elections look close.

          If we protest by sitting out the election in large numbers then they will be caught when the votes are negative for GOP candidates after the Chinese adjustment.

          • Robyn Schmalz says:

            You must be a democrat! You are on a Republican site telling Republicans not to vote. Sorry, Stupid Democrat, it’s not working. You know what is? The new water mark ballots in Georgia, where Republicans will be voting en masse! YAY!

        • Robyn Schmalz says:

          Kamayla is too stupid and lazy and if she tries it, WE will whine about it a whole lot louder than WE have. THe Biden Deep Swamp commies don’t DARE cheat US again!

        • Robyn Schmalz says:

          She has to have EvIDENCE then and there in order to reject the outcome. That’s why Pence wimped out. The biden Communists kept yelling “Where’s the evidence?” WE have it now !! Thanks to all the nationwide audits showing Biden widespread FRAUD, but a little too late. Point is, the dumb broad won’t get away with it–WE will get SCoTUS involved. Election Fraud bt democrats is one reason those communists want to pack and corrupt the High Court with their Leftist Trump-haters. Democrats HAVE TO CHEAT to get anywhere close to winning and the whole world knows it. Demo-communists have nothing to offer Americans and everyone knows it. Look at the mess the Biden nitwits have made!

        • Robyn Schmalz says:

          The very smart framers of the US Constitution foresaw your worries so the Constitution doesn’t provide for a cheater like Kamayla to just willy-nilly throw out votes for trump as her silly little head pleases. The Constitution’s safeguards against that are pretty strict and specific. Will Cheater Kamayla TRY it? Maybe. But
          you know WE fo have some very forceful lawyers. Why else do you think the communists in the Biden democrat party are working so hard to prosecute everyone from Steve Bannon to Rudy Gulliano. Democrats are petrified of Trump. His successes were too many: He gave us a secure border, torn down by communist, inept, America -hater Biden, No inflation, Job growth, energy independence and beat-back at China and North Korea, unlike weak little Slow Joe. Trump’s successes make the democrats look like the do-nothing failures that they are. Remember how Obama’s “Hope and Change” turned out to be Food stamps and cross-dressing? Democrats HAVE to cheat just to keep their heads above the SWAMP.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        They are now starting to water-mark ballots so that the Biden cheaters cannot photocopy ballots for fat, alcoholicHillary like they did for Biden. SO yes, WE must VOTE to stop the creeping democrat communism under Biden and his minions of coke heads!!! Also, Republicans plan on having a substantial number of poll watchers to monitor the next few elections. WE NOW realize that Democrats cannot be trusted to protect the GREAT AMERICAN Institution of Free and honest elections. WE learned our lesson: Don’t assume Democrats care about honest and open elections as much as most Americans do!

    3. Giordano says:

      Why on Earth is the RP of NM so inept and hiding with its tail between its legs? You’re either a bunch of ‘willing-to-be-ruled’ weaklings or complicit with the liberal agenda of this corrupt state. Get on or get OUT of the way.

      • Barbara Patterson says:

        Because of buy words and corruption in both parties. The “Good Ole Boy” and certain families allowed to control this state and any objection met with accusations of racism when confronted with their under the table sly dealings and sometimes criminal behavior with no punishment because who they are and who the ruling families rule this staye.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        Agree. Everywhere WE look is the name LUJAN–that name has governed New Mexico for generations right into sustained statewide poverty because Welfare and food stamps is the only thing democrats have to offer. They kill all incentives to stimulate job growth and the economy. They deliberately tank prosperity with their TAX and SPEND answer to everything. That’s what all democrats do.
        Let’s Go Brandon!

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        WE need to clear the GOP of all RINOS. And WE need to get more involved in stopping the democrats’ creeping Biden communism and incompetence!!

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        No, YOU get out of the way. And considering the senile, inept, highly HATED nitwit running the White House with his ability to instill Inflation like America has not seen in 40 years, I don’t think I would be accusing others of incompetence if I were a democrat.

    4. America Sees You says:

      One year ago Trump egged on an insurrectist mob to overthrow an election that he lost.

      J6 is worse than 911, never forget. At least 911 brought the country together. This new treachery brought not from a foreign place but from neighbors.

      More disgraceful has been the GOP’s year long denial of the obvious. Now that I think about it the GOP has a track record of denialism from climate change, to covid19 , to the big lie.

      Lies are essential to fascism. Those that seek to override or constrain the voice of America will be stopped.

      I call on Republicans to square yourselves with this country that has given you so much yet, you hate it.

      • Zakary says:

        You go back and watch those innocent people fling themselves from the towers. Watch the people in terror on the streets. Listen to the tearful phone calls of those people to their children, the last words they would ever hear from them and tell me that horn guy stealing Pelosi’s lectern is worse than 9/11/2001.

        Your ideology cheapens everything to the point that nothing means anything anymore so anything can be justified. Nevermind that climate has always changed, warm periods and cold periods. Nevermind that covid counts have been inflated with murder victims being counted as covid deaths, for example.

        You need to read some books and travel more than two feet outside your sheltered, little bubble. The world is bigger than you.

        • America Sees You says:

          911 as terrible as it was did not threaten the Constitution or the American way of life.

          There is no greater threat to this great country than the GOP and it’s love of lies.

          I don’t need to read books or travel to get an education in right wing propaganda. I could simple turn the tv to Fox News.

          • Robyn Schmalz says:

            I think you mean BIDEN and his LIES. For instance, what was it Senile Joe recently said about his WONDERFUL economy?? That criminal, delusional old man and his coke head loser son live in a dream. Tell us again, Joe, about all those low, low gasoline prices. Oh, and thanks to Joe and Cocaine head Hunter, our tax money is now going to buy massive amounts if coke pipes to hand out free to all the Hunter Biden drug heads all over the country. What an imbecile your president is!

      • Joshua James says:

        Absolute propaganda J6 fake news. We The People will save us, fore we depend on no servants to defend our liberties or freedoms. We will enforce our Constitution, and God Given Constitutional authorities as we see fit. We are a Constitutional Republic, and we are Self Governing Americans. The fraud, extortions, and treason will be halted by We the People ASAP. We will have forensic audits in every County of America very very soon. In God We trust, and God bless to all of us.

        • America Sees You says:

          J6 fake news and the big lie. Fascism depends on lies.

        • MikePence give me a 2nd chance says:

          Do you guys still want to hang me?

          Please don’t be angry with me.

          I’m sorry I became a flaccid Fascists, unable to do the dirty deed that was asked of me on J6.

          I am weak and became afraid at the thought what 81 million Americans would do to me if I cheated them .


          • Robyn Schmalz says:

            Oh, I don’t think I’m responding to Mike Pence, but a very bitter little leftist demo-commie who has one set of rules for his beloved Biden cheaters and BlM nihilists and another set of rules for the rest of us. Make no mistake, the Biden-Shumer FRAUDSTERS had NO idea that Republicans weren’t going to take the BIG STEAL quietly. Meanwhile, how many years has it been that Georgia’s Stacy Abrams has refused to concede she
            LOST the GA Governor’s race????????????!

    5. DieDieBigLie says:

      It’s time for a reality check conservative America.

      The big lie is making you the tool of would be autocrats.

      Time to choose between the Constitution and Conservatism. The Bible says a man cannot serveto masters.

    6. modernGOP says:

      I am done with democracy and the Constitution. We will succeed in the next coup. J6 was just a draft.

    7. Remember J6 says:

      Remember when we us to say things like “what makes America great is 200+ years of peaceful transfer of power “?

      Remember J6 and fight the big lie that caused it.

    8. H Dial says:

      Not one Republican contradicted the lies told by KOAT on their news today…why not???

      Here is my email to KOAT:

      I was appalled when I listened to the news twice today and both times “you lied.” Mr. Fernandez, I understand you work with kids. I am ashamed that you would influence young people and be a liar. You said, “people died in Washington on 1/6/21.” Actually NO ONE DIED. If your station can’t report the truth, I will do everything in my sphere of influence to make sure your station is known for lying. After ready the bio for your station manager, however, I can understand the lies. If you can’t represent truth, you need to resign.

      • J6 democracy died says:

        “NO ONE DIED on J6” is a lie. The news is not required to report what you want to hear.

        Lying and attacking journalists, academics, and other truth tellers is essential to fascism.

        Conservatives need to come out of their right wing propaganda safe spaces and rejoin reality.

        People died. But it’s not the body count that made J6 a national tragedy it’s the destruction of democracy.

        J6 was not a protest, or simply a riot, it was insurrection and an attempt to overthrow the will of the American voters.

        Even if Trump’s Coup had succeeded and was bloodless it would have resulted in the majority of American voters being silenced, this would be real tyranny. And a great deal of American blood would be required to restore the Constitution and the American way of life .

        The media is not the enemy of America but a partner to democracy protected in the Constitution.

        • Otto says:

          Actually, you saw democracy in action. If the rioters were black and their concerns for an election with many “irregularities” aka fraud went unanswered or ignored by election officials, mayors, and any others who benefitted from Zuck bucks, the underhanded, conniving Dems would have lauded their riot, and anyone jailed would have been bailed out by kamalakaka and her friends, like I watched all the summer of love. Those were the real insurrectionists.
          Asking for a pause on election certification for a couple of weeks to address those concerns is not against the law or constitution, and we had every right to protest. It’s unfortunate those “unnamed co-conspirators” removed from the FBI list, and who are now protecting their identity, stinks of corruption.
          You really think Grifter Joey won more votes than Obama without any dark money and cheating? Com’on man.

        • Gc says:

          I’d be interested to find out if you feel BLM riots are also a “destruction of democracy”. Many more people died, including police officers, and millions of dollars of property damage was incurred. But, Dems have a way of looking the other way when facts don’t support their agenda.

        • Robyn Schmalz says:

          Wow, Spiken like a True Biden-living brainwashed leftist!

        • Robyn Schmalz says:

          The only COUP that succeeded were the Biden VOTE SUPPRESSORS. You people just live to censor and suppress, In fact, one of the main censors on Twitter is your pal, Fauci’s own daughter. All of you America -hating democrats are alike. Everything is wrong with America and you hate hearing from all of us PATRIOTS so you censor, censor, censor. AND SUPPRESS TRUMP VOTES because Senile Joe couldn’t get elected any other way BUT through widespread CHEATING. Your president is bragging about all the democrat vote stealing in his video that’s being played all over the Internet. Old Joe BRAGGING About Stealing Trump votes!!!! How unAmerican can you people be! Communist America-haters!

        • Robyn Schmalz says:

          It’s just too bad the Main Street Media has been corrupted by the democrats and their LIES. Thanks to you people, journalism in the main stream is dead; have ya seen democrat CNN anywhere recently!? Anyone who wants true journalism, and not Rachael Maddow’s tears and hysterics has to turn to the civil journalism of NewsMax. No cussing, crying or shouting going on there. And none of Whoopi’s or AOC’s Anti-Semiticism.

      • which is it? says:

        Why did no Republicans refute KOAT? Easy answer because hard to refute the facts.

        Conservatives amaze me with their mental gymnastics. How do they believe 2 opposing things at the same time?

        Conservatives say “No one died” yet just back in September at the Justice for J6 rally they were trying to present a J6 terrorist that was shot by LE will trying break a barricaded door as a martyr. So which is it?

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        First of all, NONE of us EVER watch KOAT demo-communist news. I personally NEVER watch KOAT because I am afraid just listening to their Biden LIES will dummy me down. And that snitty Royale DA, she irritates. New Mexicans every day on TV and then comes to our Trump rallies and irritates everyone in person. UGH

    9. when they show you says:

      J6 was the conservative movement showing us their contempt for America.

      Everyday of last year the spent doubling down on the big lie.

      They only want to honor elections that they win, that’s not democracy or American.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        What’s NOT American is the constant drumming of anti-American HATE by the LYING communistic-democrat media! Why do you people try to hurt this great country? And what’s with the BS that you people say America never was great? You HATERS need to go back to the SWAMP and leave patriotic Americans alone. You people are the ones who need to share Gitmo with your muslim terrorist buddies who you share Twitter with every single day.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        The arsons of Seattle, Portland and numerous other cities is the democrat nuhilists attempt to show how much HATE they have for America.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        The contempt was shown by the OBama-Biden And Clinton spies who want a banana republic, not a real republic with the open and honest elections America enjoyed for many many generations through two centuries, until the Biden criminals decided a one-party communist government was preferable for the democrat party.

    10. Lock them up! says:

      Send J6 terrorist to Gitmo where they belong with the Taliban.

      When the GOP gives breath to the big lie they are supporting terrorism.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        You are the TERRORISTS, with your arsonist Black Lives and Antifa Nihilists. YOU are the actual Insurrectionists and getting away with it because you have CNN and other democrat mindless media LYING for you. Do you honestly think the average American believes that burning down Portland and Seattle is “peaceful protesting”? Grow a brain.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        No, they don’t need to. The DC Capitol Police murdered two young White women on Jan 6, one by a bullet and one by a beating, and their department has cleared both murders as “reasonable.” So forget Gitmo–that’s for muslim terrorists, who didn’t get murdered by the DC Capitol police.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        Nancy Pelosi thanks you for supporting her Jan6 Dog and Pony Show of fake tears and Biden lies.

    11. Weak Sad and Sore Losers says:

      Republicans think that elections should have participation trophies, saaaad.

      Their dear leader loses the election and blames his own administration, VP, and Republican secretaries of states.

      So either Trump lost the election fair or square or he is so weak that even while hold the most powerful office on the planet and with members of his own party in control in the battleground states he still managed to get cheated. Not much of a strong man.

      • Gc says:

        Hillary still claims she won the 2016 election and Biden has already stated the 2022 mid-terms may not be fair elections. He’s concerned the Republicans may actually “rig” the elections by requiring voter id and states needing to follow the election rules they have on the books. Novel concepts, huh?

        • Robyn Schmalz says:

          Poor Dementia Joe: ALL the polls show a coming Congressional RED WAVE. Thanks for messing up in every single thing you do, Old Joe. You can’t even BUILD BACK let alone do it “BETTER. Biden is such a hated jerk.
          Let’s GO Brandon!

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        We can ALL thank OBama and Biden for corrupting the entire election process with their pay to play methods and Chicago politics SWAMP. The
        corruption Obama and Biden left behind in DC was much more than Republicans could clean up after you people left DC. P.S. Thanks for all the inflation your president Criminal Joe has managed to shive into our ecinomy that was strong just 1-1/2 years ago. Can’t you Biden Communists do anything right? Inflation and food stamps–your president’s answer to everything. Let’s GO Brandon!!

    12. love it or leave it says:

      If Republicans don’t like free and fair elections, America’s democratic traditions, or the Constitution then I say GET OUT.

      Love it or leave it. We don’t need you.

      America would be better of deporting the deplorables and replacing them with immigrants who want to be here.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        Democrats are the party of Slavery, Jim Crowe, and Biden’s election STEAL, Biden is the most inept, evil, unpatriotic president since Jimmy Carter. He has a video he made on the Internet BRAGGING of the democrat party’s election fraud. What is it with communistic democrats that they HATE the constitution so much! Live America, Communist democrats or get out!

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        You Biden communists are the ones constantly messing with election laws. YOU are the vote suppressors and Now with all the audits surfacing, the whole world is finding out just HOW MUCH you people in the Biden commuist party committed widespread election FRAUD because you are so afraid of Predident Trump. Trump isn’t going away, Communists, Desl with it!

      • Gonzalo M says:

        I think you have it backwards

      • Raul Garza says:

        I agree I think Republican’s should give a free one way vacation travel tickets to the USA to every liberal person living in Central America or the Caribbean Islands. LBGT or homeless or criminals wanting a second chance persons anywhere should get a free one way ticket to the USA.

        Republicans should take all their money and capitalistic gains and start 13 New Colonies in the abandoned Caribbean Islands. If we can help one million immigrants a day reach their dream destination of coming to the USA for the next two years that creates 730 million spaces for a new nation of Republican conservative values.

    13. Lies&Weakness says:

      Trump is lying about the election and GOP leadership is to weak to tell us the truth. They have had a year to work up to it and have failed to find the courage to do so.

      We lost the Republican party in 2016 and Republican leaders are to afraid to stand up for democracy and the American way.

      I guess the only option now is to vote libertarian.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        WE have found a plethora of fraud by Biden demo-commies all over the country. The democrat Fake news ignores the fraud reports being exposed, but millions more are reading and hearing about it from responsible, credible journalists Not tied to the democrat party. We Rrpublicans will be MOnITORiNG upcoming elections in droves with our POlL WATCHERS. Now that WE realize just how much democrats are dishonestly suppressing our GOP votes, WE will be watching closely.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        The audits are uncovering widespread Biden FRAUD. If you want stand up publicly for Slow Joe, that’s your problem! Let’s Go Brandon!

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        The Republican Party lost you in 2016, that’s all. WE found a great man who, didn’t weakly follow in the footsteps of the Bush RINOS. BTW, many Libertarians have proudly stated they voted for Donald Trump, TWICE!

    14. Steve says:

      I have lost so much for this movement and come to find out it’s been a con.

      My daughter won’t talk to me anymore because of this shit.

      I didn’t get vaccinated, got covid19 and gave it to my mom and dad, dad didn’t make it.

      How do I live with this? Why did I buy into this bs? Where do I go from here?

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        You sound young. You did your best for a young man. The Fauci people lied to you and to me, and THEY hurt/killed innocent people like your beloved Dad. I’m sorry, my friend. But NONE of this is YOUR fault. Put the blame where it belongs and ask the Good Lord for peace. God bless you!

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        Dr Fauci and Biden need to be held responsible fir their misrepresentations to the American People and all their COVID flipflopping.

      • SNM says:

        Our granddaughter died from the vaccine booster. The OME didn’t even mention that on the death certificate. She’s been cremated and so there is no way to push the matter. It was 3 and a half months before the OME gave us a death certificate. I struggle with guilt that we allowed the cremation before the death certificate was done. There are so many lies, from so many directions. Evil at its strongest. Hang on. It may get worse.

    15. God says:

      You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires.

      He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him.

      When he lies, he speaks your native tongue, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
      John 8:44

    16. Kathy says:

      Seditious Conspiracy Alert- One New Mexico Republican Party official who signed a document that intended to deliver New Mexico’s five electoral votes to Donald Trump and Mike Pence in the 2020 election said he has “no regrets, whatsoever,” and he questioned why law enforcement is looking into the matter two years later.

      Jewll Powdrell, one of five who signed the document, said in an interview that he put his name on the certificate as a member of the GOP’s executive committee in New Mexico. He said the group acted “at the insistence of the chairman of the Republican Party, who is Congressman Steve Pearce.”

      Last week, New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas said his office was reviewing the case, and it had also referred the matter to federal law enforcement authorities.

      State law makes it a fourth-degree felony for designated electors to cast their ballot for anyone other than the presidential candidate who received the majority of the votes cast in the state. President Joe Biden carried New Mexico by 11 percentage points, which is nearly 100,000 votes.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        Biden cheated to get those votes Dina Ana County helped him. Baldaras needs to shelve hid extreme partisan politics.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        Hector Balderas is a highly partisan democrat so it’s typical that every chance he gets he goes after Republicans. Auditing of the fraudulent 2020 presidential election is continuing throughout the country. High amounts of fraud by the Biden democrats are being uncovered regularly. Democrats did not expect to be faced with election audits state after state and are stunned that WE Republicans are not walking away from the Biden fraud but are aggressively auditing. Meanwhile, Biden made a video, which is being replayed all over social media and the Internet, in which he BRAGGED about the extensive voter fraud he and his democrat campaign team were committing. Either he was telling the truth or his EXTREME senility nullifies his right to be President.

    17. Bill Strouse says:

      When will Czar Pearce testify to the January 6 Committee?

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        The Jan 6 Democrat-led “committee” is a farce and a typical continuation of the anti-Trump Pelosi tantrum over America’s love affair with the much-beloved Donald Trump. Don’t expect to see credible Republicans taking seriously this Democrat Dog and Pony Show with all its fake tears and hyperbole. Especially while 700 men have been locked up in the D.C. GULAG for way over a year without the right of basic American due process. Illegal Aliens have been afforded more human rights. Meanwhile, unarmed White Veteran Ashli Babbot, leaning against a wall, doing nothing, was MURDERED during the Capitol breach by Black Lives Matter advocate Lt. Byrd of the Capitol police, and democrats are calling him a hero. He has NOT been charged. So don’t look for credible Republicans to waste their time with Pelosi’s show and tell time.

    18. Robyn Schmalz says:

      I e-mailed Brett Kokonadis and told him I want to volunteer during the upcoming elections–congressional and Presidential–as an election monitor but never heard back. We cannot trust democrats to be fair so I would like to be a poll watcher, either in Ssndoval Co or perhaps in VERY corrupt Ana Dona Co. 505/4278843. Rio Rancho resident.

      • Gerri C says:

        I’m pretty sure Brett is in Bernalillo County. If you’re in Sandoval County, we have an active Republican Party which meets every 3rd Tuesday at 7:00pm (doors open 6:30pm) at Gospel Light Baptist Church, 1500 Southern Blvd SE. Please join us and someone will be able to advise you about poll watching. https://sandovalgop.com/

      • Flora says:

        I wanted to be poll watcher in jemez springs in 2020 election , I never got a call back

    19. Gary Ritter says:

      Where are the “republicans? Who is fighting for the people of NM? Answer: NO ONE! Currently, there are only 9 states that require mask mandates or vax. certificates. What does that that say? It’s all political!! The current Czar in Santa Fe just extended the mask mandate….WAKE UP! We need strong leaders who advocate for the people of NM. Republicans….are you going to stand up or are you going to continue to keep your heads in the sand?

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        Republicans have pushed back on the mandates mire than anyone has! Where have YOU been!??? Have you even been listening to Republicans in our legislature going off about the stupid masks and Vaxes? Where have YOU been?

        • Gary Ritter says:

          Sure they have (sarc). That’s why NM is now 1 of 4 States that have mask mandates in place to this date. Where are the rally’s? Where are the billboards speaking out about Grisham’s draconian mandates? Where is the impeachment efforts against Grisham? Her illegal, immoral, and unethical practices continue but no one challenges her. If Republican’s are speaking out against these incredulous restrictions, they must be whispering. Your fight is not with me, Robyn. What NM needs are people who are willing to organize, band together, stand together and say enough is enough!

          • Robyn Schmalz says:

            Okeedokee, Republicans need to yell louder. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure MLG mandates are the fault of the DRACONIAN NM democrat Party; it’s not as though the stupid mandates were thought up by the GOP. Please put blame where it’s due.

      • Mark says:

        Damn skippy! We just moved here and though the masks have been lifted, vaccine is still out there.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        Individuals need to push back on VAX and mask mandates. I live in Rio Rancho, and it’s been many months since I had to wear my LETS GO Brandon mask. I simply refuse to mask up.

    20. Julie Scott says:

      Time for photo voter ID and water marked paper ballots. Unfortunately Repubs are Woosy. Won’t make a stand!!!! Balderas and SOS are Soros bought and paid for.

    21. L Sanchez says:

      Aren’t you ashamed of Trump and 50% of the republican party?

      • Barbara Patterson says:

        Aren’t you ashamed for the President and Vice President YOU elected?

        • David Acuña says:

          Right! These sheep and ignorant bubbleheads that voted demorats are who have brought this nstional calamity on us. 2.5 and counting.

      • David Acuña says:

        No, I am not.

      • Shinoa says:

        No aren’t you ashamed of the lying, deceitful Democrats and their minions the MSM?

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        Under Donald Trump, America was prosperous and energy-independent, America had a strong military, and Red China KNEW BETTER than to aggress the way they are now at Taiwan. We had peace with North Korea, which is now threatening to beat up Biden’s WEAK, SILLY, transgender military. Radical Globalist Democrats are frightened of the eminent Donald Trump getting back into the White House and re-claiming American sovereignty and greatness. THAT is why the Biden Toadies and OBama-Biden-corrupt FBI, along with Old Lady Pelosi, have been harassing President Trump for years. Democrats are terrified of their glaring failures counter-balanced by Trump’s great successes, and the whole world. SEES it! Democrats SHOULD be ASHAMED, but their communistic GLOBALISM blinds them.

    22. T Martin says:

      Does NM still use Dominion vote-counting machines that can use multiple databases to tabulate “lawful” votes in real time while connected to the Internet where just about anyone, including Dominion itself, has access during poll hours? How can we be certain of honest vote counts? One person–one vote?

      What will it take for NM to use only paper ballots counted by hand with major party poll watchers in close proximity without distractions?

      Can Dominion machines be scrapped or at least guaranteed to use only one, valid database of registered and verified voters with absolute certainty (or as close as humanly possible) that votes tabulated are legitimately registered voters and counted accurately?

      Are Internet/network professionals of major parties, et al, allowed to verify that all vote counting is by stove-pipe (stand-alone) machines that prevent alterations by anyone?

      Also, is there criminal liability for anyone who breaks the chain of custody for ballots from the precinct to wherever ballots go from the polling places? Enough of boxes of ballots found in a ditch, discovered later in a car trunk, or pulled out of someone’s arse to be counted over and over after poll watchers are sent away.

      If not, why are we voting in the first place? Public hanging is too good a punishment for those who corrupt the and manipulate voting results. Maybe drawing and quartering should be allowed for such scoundrels.

      • S says:

        Why don’t you go work an election and learn?

        • Raul Garza says:

          The best way to ensure elections are inclusive, easy to access and everyone gets a chance to vote is to eliminate voter registration cards, and have the elections 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a month starting 30 days before election date.

          All you need is a state issued drivers license or ID card, with your picture, date of birth, address, social security number, thumb print and a bar code. You turn it in at the voter booth, they scan it, take a electronic thumb print which immediately go thru a state election data base to verify you are a certified state resident and are not voting twice.
          Then you vote and it is computer validated with no human access to the voting process or result of your vote. Votes are tallied at a state voter data base by computers only, winner is declared.

    23. David Acuña says:

      I am trying to find the media channel, date and time of the Republican primary gubernatorial debate/ Q& A. Please advice. We have lots of good candidates but need more information to make a decision. Thank you.

    24. Raul Garza says:

      New Mexico suffers from the same issues Eastern Oregon suffer from, Democrat domination by the exalted rulers in the palaces otherwise known as Albuquerque and Santa Fe metropolitan areas. The entire eastern part of New Mexico voted Republican almost to the original Texas boundary the Rio Grande River.

      Is it time to consider a Greater Texas and return to our home land.

    25. Raul Garza says:

      A Greater Texas where counties can become a part of Texas. State lines have been relocated many times in American history because it just takes an interstate compact between two state legislatures and approval of Congress.
      If the United States were governed as a single state, we wouldn’t have the opportunity for state governance to vary according to the culture of a local area. The purpose of having state lines is to allow this variance. The New Mexico/Texas border was established 174 years ago and is now outdated. The same eastern conservative Republican counties were in Texas before 1848. Culture and values show they should still be part of a Greater Texas. The current state boundary makes no sense in its current location because it doesn’t match the location of the cultural divide in New Mexico. If your state government doesn’t support your beliefs, values or morals you don’t have a government that values you.
      New Mexico counties that vote like Texas counties should be within the same state, A Greater Texas, not governed by state politicians who don’t govern with any concern about what the citizens of a conservative county think or believe in. If you are in a state that believes what you believe for your county you have a better state and a better county.
      This proposal is different from creating a new state because it does not affect the balance of power in the US Senate. A Greater Texas proposal is a win-win for the interests of each state legislature, and for the counties that get to switch states and be with counties who have the same values.

      • David says:

        You Better Wake Up I am A Republican, A retired Veteran, and I Support the Second Amendment. The Washington Republican Party Texts me every day asking for money and support. All they do is vote Democrat 86% of the time. Please tell them they Should be Fired and Held Without PAY

      • Jason Braziel says:

        I agree totally with this. Eastern NM is totally forgotten when it comes to anything good for NM. We should be part of Texas!!

        • noel c. says:

          in san juan co. the governor shut down drilling on state land. Then joe biden shut down drilling on fed. land. no leases no drilling. massive unemployment . everyone is leaveing to find a job.

          • Robyn Schmalz says:

            Leave it to the democrats to bring massive unemployment to a once-prosperous county. I know, we used to live up in Farmington. I am so sorry this awful governor and her senile president did this to you good folks!!

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        Sounds good, but the democrats running OUR NM State Legislature will never go for it : (

    26. Raul Garza says:

      County Percent Votes
      Lea 79.0% 16,531
      Union 77.6% 1,388
      Roosevelt70.1% 4,634
      Curry 69.2% 10,444
      Quay 68.0% 2,634
      Colfax 54.4% 3,271
      Harding 63.2% 319
      Chaves 69.8% 15,656
      DeBaca 72.8% 656
      Eddy 75.2% 17,454
      Otero 61.6% 14,521
      Torrance65.5% 4,772
      Lincoln 67.4% 6,942
      Valencia 53.8% 17,364
      Sierra 59.6% 3,542

      120,128 or 68% of the voters in these counties voted Republican. If the same voters vote to keep their elected county officials and vote for a Greater Texas these counties have a State that supports their values.
      Vote for a Greater Texas and move the State line to include these counties in Texas.

    27. Chandra says:

      Hey Mr. Pearce- why are we not trying to get young Hispanic candidates like the young lady that took a democratic seat in Texas? This might be the only way to flip this state!

      • Deborah Dirk Halley says:

        That will not happen. New Mexico is a solid Democratic Party State. Why go through the everyday harassment about being a Republican candidate? Not worth your personal safety.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        Identity politics is how DO-Nothing Kamala Harris ended up being Vice President. How is SHE working out?

    28. Raul Garza says:

      The best way to ensure elections are inclusive, easy to access and everyone gets a chance to vote is to eliminate voter registration cards, and have the elections 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a month starting 30 days before election date.

      All you need is a state issued drivers license or ID card, with your picture, date of birth, address, social security number, thumb print and a bar code. You turn it in at the voter booth, they scan it, take a electronic thumb print which immediately go thru a state election data base to verify you are a certified state resident and are not voting twice.
      Then you vote and it is computer validated with no human access to the voting process or result of your vote. Votes are tallied at a state voter data base by computers only, winner is declared.

      It eliminates voter suppression, makes it all inclusive, everyone in the state are already registered to vote and don’t need to register ever. Voting simplified, accurate and all inclusive.

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        Georgia has made it nearly impossible for the democrats to cheat again by doctoring and photo-copying mail-in ballots. The state’s new ballots are water-marked, which will NOT show up if photo-copied. Brilliant!

    29. David Yellott says:

      How many New Mexicans are paid with tax dollars? Does that include teachers, police, firefighters etc. Are their spending habits scrutinized? You may email your response to davidy4744@aol.com.

    30. John Bell says:

      So when do we organize a demonstration against the blatant attack against our Party and potential Presidential nominee?? Or do we stand by like idiots while the Left attacks our former and maybe future President ?

      • Randy Fox says:

        I am not a Republican, but I would certainly be there. I am astonished that every Republican in the state legislature and has not spoken out. What about 2022 candidates. Are they hiding out and trembling?

      • Robyn Schmalz says:

        Kevin McCarthy has already told Biden’s FAR LEFT Attorney General Nutter Merrick Garland to preserve all his DOJ documents and to clear his calendar because the coming Republican House of Reps is going to have a public discussion with him about the importance of Civil Rights for ALL Americans, including former President Donald Trump–who didn’t take home any more documents than OBama did. THEN, we’re going to put Trump BACK in the White House as our demonstration of solidarity.

    31. Randy Fox says:

      Does anyone care about the Turning Point hosting of Gov. DeSantis in Roswell? I cannot find anything about where the rally is and when it is, other than Sunday, Aug 14.

    32. John Richter says:

      The RPNM State Party link above is blocked by Malware Bytes Browser Guard as apparently containing a trojan. Is this for real or has the GOP in NM again been tricked?

    33. noel c. says:

      i hear on u tube the dems are advertiseing all about they are saveing all the drinking water in the state. Then they say they are the onlly ones that protect womens rights. Some one needs to advertize the gas prices and explain that our governor stopped all the drilling on state land. And ol joe biden stopped all the drilling on federal land in the state. Everyone can go to the gas pump and see his and hers handy work. Plus all the unemployment it caused.

    34. Mrs. Robyn Schmalz says:

      Gov. Lujan Grisham’s campaign ads reflect that she is a one-issue candidate: Abortion, Abortion, Abortion! Hey, MLG, brutally killing pre-born babies is NOT “healthcare.”

    35. Mrs. Robyn Schmalz says:

      Perhaps, if Gov. Lujan Grisham had ANY accomplishments to brag about she wouldn’t have to spend all her time attacking Mark Ronchetti!!

    36. Robyn Schmalz says:

      Poor Governor MLG: still delusional about the Very Expensive, highly Unaffordable OBamacare that she thinks ALL New Mexicans should have shoved down their throats like democrats TRIED to FORCE on ALL Americans.

    37. Robyn Schmalz says:

      Recently, Joke Biden has issued an Executive FIAT to END physical money. Biden’s handlers are helping him to crash and burn American sovereignty by turning our money system into a digital-only money system as part of a GLOBAL digital currency that all countries are being forced into by the globalists. This one-world currency communism begins in December. Cash money will slowly be eliminated under the Biden Globalist currency plan. The Biden presidency isn’t just illegitimate, it is precarious to our great country and our God-given liberties. Pray for America!

    38. A Democrat says:

      I received email from Desantis this weekend, and I’ve received emails soliciting money from Eric Drumpf for his daddy before. The last real Republican I know of was Lincoln, and I’ve never been a Republican… and I don’t live in Florida! But you Floridians solicit me anyway. Duh. This new email talked about stopping “woke” people and the current “shadow” government.

      I’m one of the voters who voted for President Biden. I’m as “woke” as can be, and I’m pro-choice. I worked very hard for Roe. What you’re trying to do to this country in the name of power and greed, is heartbreaking. In case you haven’t paid attention, more people have jobs now than pre-covid, gas price is on the way down, we’ve got a package that will reduce greenhouse emissions, a cap has been put on lifesaving medications…

      I adore Liz Cheney and other Republican patriots on the 1/6 Committee for their integrity. I don’t know how my address got onto your mail list, because I’ll never vote Republican. Our country has rarely done better when one of you is in the White House, historically. I’ve asked in the past to take me off your lists but around election times, you keep emailing me. But because you keep begging me for money, I’m going to start speaking to people to give them the statistics on how our Democrat White House has actually improved the country. You know: facts, statistics… things your party, and Desantis, seem to think are a matter of subjective opinion. Well, guess what… the earth is round, we did land on the moon, contrails aren’t a “thing,”‘ vaccines are safe and save lives, and the Democrats won fairly, despite your constant, continuing efforts to interfere with elections, and the violence of some of your racist, antisemitic. misogynistic fringe supporters, whom you won’t dissociate from.

      I’m not a politically active person, I just quietly vote every single time… but after that final offensive email, the final straw in a litany of offensive email solicitations… I am now! Congratulations, Your efforts have backfired.

      • Alfredo Vincente says:

        I feel sorry for you then, as an ex Democrat. I would feel sorry for anyone who has given himself over to the mental illness which is the new Democrat Socialist party.To someone who thinks there are more than two genders (woke) who thinks that working for a living is oppression, who think we should not have a border who thinks that 60 million dead babies is anyone’s “constitutional right”, which it is not. My guess is, from your comments, and I may be wrong, is that you are white, well to do, probably work for or worked for, the government. Peace to you with hopes your eyes are opened as were mine. I still get mail from the Socialist Democrat party all the time. They never leave the post office. They go in the blue box, where they belong. I don’t cry about “being offended” as you did. I accept that they have the right to waste their postage any way they want.

        • Fred NoTrumpY says:

          The republicans are attempting to be trump – a man with no concern for anyone but himself and his wealth – greed upon greed he sold America to the highest bidders – fortunately for us, the highest bidders quickly found out that he is a weak man who is incapable of making a single decision without someone telling him what he should do. This was reported over and over again through his term in office – it was the joke that “the last person he talks to will be the choice he makes” – in the end, when nearly everyone left the WH, he was left with only the steward who brought one of his 14 diet cokes daily, to ask “what should I do”? Then came 1/6 and more and more resigned, like a plague of rats running away knowing that association with him would ruin the careers. Hell, it was so bad that after leaving office no one wanted to hire anyone who worked there. I understand that even on tinder – if you were a trump supporter you couldn’t even get a date. But the republicans that are left trying to be the big dog lack the one thing that would make them an orange man – there is something in them that knows how far to take the stollen election thing and as 4 of 5 gets weaker and weaker, as the crowds no longer show up so he is left with Qnuts – the republicans who rode the train to hell with him are now backing out, scrubing their FB pages and twitter and bios of association with the election denial. Trump doesn’t care about the republicans he has ruined, or the democrats – he doesn’t even care about his children’s life and livelihood being demolished….it just doesn’t matter to him. So, keep spewing the 4 of 5 cocktails, keep answering his call to arms and you will find that, like the Oath Keepers – trump’s private militia – he will not come to your air, he will not pay your legal bills, he will not pardon you because the classified documents he stole from the Government will ensure he will never be able to run for public office again. The reason he is not announcing the 2024 run is the NRC is still paying his legal bills as long as he does not announce until after the mid-terms.

      • Raul Garza says:

        Racist? Interesting, Lincoln the first Republican President was a great President, he freed the slaves. The first Democrat President Andrew Jackson famous for killing American Indians and creating concentration camps (AKA: reservations) owned slaves. So did the rest of the Democrat Presidents before Lincoln.

        When the 11 Governors, 22 Senators and 44 Congressman, everyone one of them Democrats voted to create the Democratic States of America (AKA: Confederate States of America) they elected Jefferson Davis a Democratic Senator from Mississippi the President. They designed a flag & raised, flew, fought for, killed for and died for the Confederate Flag. They loved Black Americans so much they gave them housing, education, food, clothing, jobs and training and were willing to die for them. They loved minorities, and they still love them for the same reasons. Power profit and greed.

        Every four years they promise them the same thing. housing, education, food, clothing, jobs and training. They have to because they spend the next three years laughing at them for believing the same lie again. Democrats love minorities, always have and always will they use, misuse and abuse them for profit, money, power and greed.

        Roosevelt put Japanese Americans in concentration camps (AKA: Detention centers) during WWII because of their race and color of their skin.

        Another great Republican Presidents Eisenhower wrote the Civil Rights Act in 1957, Republicans unanimously voted for it Democrats voted against it.

        Roosevelt was elected in 1932-43, Truman 1943-1952, Kennedy 1960-63 & Johnson 1963-1969 as Democratic Presidents and they controlled the House and or Senate for 37 years. Johnson only passed Civil Rights Acts in 1964 & 1965 trying to save his presidency from disgrace. He passed Eisenhower’s Civil Rights Act from 1957 the same one Democrat’s voted against in 1957. In 1965-66-67-68 minorities were still marching, protesting & rioting. It wasn’t because they were ungrateful or not intelligent enough to appreciate all the great things the Democratic Party had done for them. Public housing, separate but equal schools, minimum wage, military draft, welfare were all tools the Democratic Party used to depress minorities and keep them in their control. They were marching against oppression for 37 years the Democratic Party did nothing but oppression of minorities.

        Another great Republican President integrated the schools, created HUD housing, affirmative action, started jobs programs, he had to because the Civil Rights Act of 1964 wasn’t anything but paper, promises and lies and Democrats never had any intention of accomplishing what Nixon did for minorities.

        Every four years Democrats promise the same thing. housing, education, food, clothing, jobs and training. Pre election promises are after election lies. As long as minorities listen to the Democratic slave masters promises they will always be voting for slavery and they will always be slaves. The Democratic Party is the racist party. Always has been always will be.

        Joseph Biden middle name is Robinette, he is a Jr, his son Beau was Joseph Robinette Biden III, Every male from the 1800’s in his family have the same middle name Robinette. It was the name of the family plantation in Delaware.

        So don’t come to a Republican’s site claiming Republicans are racist when the Democratic Party is the most racist party in the history of the world and if you are a member they only racist person posting here is you.

      • Frank Levine says:

        Wait until you’re 60 or 70 and realize that everything you believed in was a lie. You will then understand what it means to be a Republican and a US citizen. It’s a horrible thought to realize how easily we have been manipulated by propaganda that appeals to our emotions to the detriment of rational thinking. One day you will wake up and find the enemy was you and your misplaced idealism driven by false narratives created to divide rather than unite, to destroy rather than create a better world for all.

    39. Raul Garza says:

      As the election nears remember a small amount of New Mexico is actually Democrat and the mast majority of counties are Republican, yet they will force their oppressive values on you once again. Every Republican county in Eastern New Mexico was once a part of Texas but was stripped from your home state without a vote or legal representation. If what happened in 2020 happens again in 2022 isn’t it best for Eastern New Mexico to be a part of a state with the same values and goals for its citizens? Ask for a right to vote for a Greater Texas its where you belong.

    40. Alfredo Vincente says:

      I do not know about any other Republicans but I have turned off KKOB radio. Half of the new improved liberal KKOB is to repeat left wing talking points. You may be listening to Bongino but every hour you get ABC liberal news and at midhour you get John Summers repeating ABCs liberal talking points. I turned them off. There are two truly conservative stations in town, Albuquerque’s Answer at 1190 A.M and KDAZ at 96.9. Both are Christian oriented. There are also some Christian stations like 88.3 who do Conservative talk at times during the day. These people need your listenership. Stop supporting liberal Cumulus radio by listening to KKOB and patronizing their sponsors. Just my opinion.

    41. Karen Skinner says:

      Hi, I would like to get our great President Trump to come and hold a rally here in N.M. Has he been asked to come and if not, could we possibly do this? Thank you!

    42. Raul Garza says:

      Mid Term Elections just weeks away, Let’s all vote Republican no one should miss the opportunity to fix what is wrong with NM.

    43. Mike Boggs says:

      My mom lives in an independent living facility in Albuquerque and has been being treated terribly. She is 92 years old and is a Republican. The facility is full of hateful and cruel Liberals. A member of the staff at the facility is the instigator and four or five residents are involved in mental abuse, and a former employee, a manager, physically assaulted her. All of the residents in the facility except my mother are afraid to speak their mind. She has been diagnosed with PTSD which is directly related to the stress on her at this facility. I live in Texas and she has asked for my help. My siblings in Albuquerque will not help. Does anyone know a good attorney in Albuquerque or New Mexico with conservative values? Or can anyone offer me any other advice. Maybe an organization there that helps seniors? Please help!! Thank you in advance. Mike Boggs.

    44. Brenda Female (F) Harmeson says:

      Could you please tell me where I can get a list of GOP candidates for Tuesday’s election. There is no place I can find online that is simple. It’ frustrating. I want to make sure I understand who is Republican in Sandoval County and the State. Thanks!!!

    45. GregM says:

      Nuke Santa Fe

    46. Robert Steinkamp says:

      The party is wrong in its stand on abortion, abortion should be a womans right to choose. You blew the election on your advertisements, i’d rather vote Liberti an than republican now. Republicans gave the democrats the election for representative.

    47. Robert lL Stinkamp says:

      The Republican political party, in New Mexico and the nation in general, needs to be the party that offers solutions, not emotional answers to view points. I speak of abortion. I heard many campaign comments to republicans as wanting to ban abortion and having congress pass abortion laws banning abortion.
      That is an emotional response to a Supreme Court decision. The republicans should have refused to discuss this issue with negative adds. Simply, the party should have responded to the constitution and the tenth amendment. Indicating that there was a way to deal with the issue, and that states were responsible to approve or disapprove of abortion. If New Mexico or any other state wants to ban a procedure then that state needs to address the situation.
      Ronchetti and Herrell should have kept their mouth shut concerning this issue.
      Any change to New Mexico abortion belongs to the state legislature and not the federal government.
      Amendment X
      The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.
      Wake up and understand that voters are smart and not emotional puppets.

    48. Raul Garza says:

      Eleven of fifteen conservative Republican’s Eastern Oregon counties have voted to move the state line and become part of Greater Idaho and not governed by liberal Democrats in Western Oregon. Is it time to move the border and be apart of a Greater Texas?

    49. Tony Zinenagetto says:

      When attempting to send e-mails and your security screen does not work it causes problems for many retired military officers to contact you. This is very concerning!

    50. Elizabeth Crawford says:

      Urging you all to stand strong against abortion. Life is a gift from Almighty God. Hope that you have a very good day.

      “For the wages of sin is death. But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

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